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Smart DMX LED lights stand out at American International Lighting Fair 2013

April 22nd, 2014 · No Comments · 135 views

American International Lighting Fair happened in Philadelphia in April. American International Lighting Fair is supported by the Highlighting Engineering Society of The united states, and the International Association of Lighting Design in the united states is currently the largest and most concentrated visitors International Lighting Fair.

International lighting manufacturers Philips, Osram and General Electric and other companies enjoyed in the exposure. It is significant that, in addition to OSRAM presentation area also fluorescent and high intensity discharge (CONCEALED) lamps, other products are DMX LED lighting products .

In addition, there are The japanese and South Korea LED enterprises to try really hard to participate. Japanese people companies are Toshiba, Sharp, Nichia, Person, Korean companies including Samsung, LG, etc. Seoul Semiconductor. But these enterprises mainly provide LED-based devices, lighting products, very little.

This exposure is a major mainstream intelligent control LED downlights 12w products increased, the future development direction, in addition has been a lot of attention. Brains demonstrates not only the advantages of LED, but also allow lighting to higher serve our lives. Lights and outdoor power cast light to shine novel way there, see the light but light, and on this basis to install energy-saving devices more energy efficient. Indoor lighting products in the light environment transformation concept is novel and unique, the light, grille, High Clean lights, spotlights, lighting lamps, especially the use of diffuse through the mask emitting principle will make lighting products more realistic scientific. Commercial lighting lamps lighting the way light environment has updated light cloth promotion “fit” most important concept is widely recognized that many commercial lighting live show.

Cree’s vice us president Joe James said that LED’s costs will continue to decline, use of the payback period further shortened to 1-2 years, the market will be further opened, especially LED and industrial decoration materials such as threshold with the IPAD and other electronic product integration provides a huge market.

High settings, low power consumption, long life, low power and other advantages make this product very popular. After decades of LED technology improvements, the luminous efficiency has been greatly improved. Incandescent, halogen light efficiency is 12-24 lm or W, fluorescent light 50 ~ 60 to 70 lm or W, sodium 90 ~ one hundred and forty lm or W, most of the power into heat loss. LED luminous efficiency will be improved to achieve up to 50 ~ 200 lumens or watt, and its light color is good, narrow array, can be sent directly without blocking colored visible light. Currently, countries in the world are upgrading to improve efficiency DMX LED light research. Soon there will be greater luminous efficiency improvement.

With the rapid development of DMX light illumination items and continuous improvement of luminous efficiency, LED downlights 12w technology is also developing rapidly. The LED focus is now almost replacing traditional halogen based. Compared with traditional lights, LED spotlights energy-saving and long life has a significant advantage. With the cheaper LED focus, LED spotlights application also gradually begun to spread.

During this period, LED spotlights are mainly used as an alternative to traditional halogen-based, most of the safety requirements associated reference traditional lighting requirements, and relative to the characteristics of LED lights to form some safety certification standards. At present, LED spotlights certification, the international essentially Western european CE and UL certification in The united states, mainly in China can be voluntary certification (CQC).

In The united states, it usually requires FCC UL safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification. In China, for the LED downlights 12w is the use of voluntary certification (CQC), the execution of standards of GB24906-2010 (safety) and GB 17743-2007.

In addition, as for LED downlights 12w performance, may lot of standards. These requirements are for the LED downlights 12w color temperature, color object rendering listing, the initial luminous flux, luminous efficiency, lumen maintenance, life, center light intensity, nominal power, power factor, product identification, etc. were provided.

Many electronic product life is broken to evaluate, but a very long life LED light source can be used for a long time are not bad. But is the output flux is attenuated over time, so the industry generally light decay to 70% of that time period to define the life span of the LED light source, the L70. As technology advances, LED’s light ends more slowly, to completely test the light ends to 70% of that time period it is difficult to achieve.

The main stage LED downlights 12w is expected to replace traditional halogen-based, so dimensions are referenced to IEC 60630 standard, light reference IEC 60061-1 standards. According to traditional lighting conditions, the current LED focus mainly MR16, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 each type.

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