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Latest trend: new energy saving lamp bulbs available in the UK

August 29th, 2013 · No Comments · 148 views

British researchers say they are developing a new energy saving lamp bulb, Glasgow University scientists say they have found a nano imprint technology, you can make more bright light-emitting diodes, and the ratio of energy saving light bulbs on the market today is more provinces electricity. This means that ordinary light bulbs may be replaced in the near future.

This nano imprint technology has been used on mobile phones and computers and other supplies, but had previously been considered because of the low efficiency can not be used in theĀ energy saving lamp bulb. British researchers etch the surface of the light emitting diode tiny holes, increasing its energy intensity.

The research project leader said: “Energy saving light-emitting diodes are still not considered to be a standard household lighting applications because the process of etching holes is time-consuming and costly, but we believe we have found a more rapid and inexpensive method, it is possible in a few one billion light-emitting diode on the etched holes, this means using simple light bulb era is about gone.”

Energy saving lamp bulb is actually a compact, self- ballast fluorescent, energy saving lamps lit first passes through the electronic ballast to the lamp filament heating, the filament began to emit electrons ( due to some electronic filament coated with a powder ), electron collisions inside the tube filling argon atoms, argon atoms after the collision energy and impact achieved within the mercury atoms, mercury atoms absorb the energy generated after the transition in the ionization tube which constitute a plasma state.

The voltage across the lamp directly through the plasma state conduction and issued 253.7nm ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light-emitting phosphors aroused, because fluorescent work filament temperature is about 1160K or so, than incandescent work much lower temperature 2200K-2700K, so its life is great progress, to reach more than 5000 hours, because of its efficient use of electronic ballasts, and there is no heat effect as current incandescent, fluorescent energy conversion efficiency is high, to reach more than 50 lumens per watt, so save energy.

Compared to more environmentally friendly energy-saving lamps, energy-saving, product performance is more advantageous. 2012 Market watch, lights because of higher prices, less penetration in the civilian lighting. It should be noted that with technology updates, lamp prices declined at a faster rate each year. Prospects Network is expected over the next three to five years between, lamp prices are expected to drop to the level of energy-saving lamps. The lights will be the turning point into the general lighting.


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